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MyEd Upgrade - 28 June

We will be upgrading to a new version of MyEd on Wednesday 28 June 2017. We anticipate that MyEd will be at risk for most of the day.

Changes in the new version of MyEd:

  • A new design to align with the University website
  • New theme which enables users on mobile devices to access all content
  • Removal of less-used portlets, including the Bookmarks portlet

Customisations users have made to the layout of their MyEd accounts will not be carried over into the upgraded system. Users who have customised their layout are advised to make a record of these changes, so they can reapply them in the new system.

About MyEd

MyEd, the University's web portal, is available to applicants, students, staff, visitors and alumni. You can login to MyEd using EASE, the University's secure login system.


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